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Daddy Boot Camp

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In reading a recent post on the Good Men Project that asked what made you the dad that you are, I gave it some thought. I don’t believe that the content of the post matches the original title, but thought provoking nonetheless.

Being a Snow Kid

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This past weekend, my kids and I built a small snow fort in the front yard. Between skiing, sledding, building snowmen and snow forts, I’m not sure what life would be like without winter. Although I’ve been fortunate to travel quite a bit internationally and domestically in my life, I was born, raised and still live in Wisconsin. I can’t imagine living anywhere else, even though I’m sure I would adjust.

I Don’t Need a Prom Queen

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I’m not sure if raising girls is different from raising boys when it comes to social situations. My wife says that three girls can’t be close friends because one will get squeezed out. This and other events have me thinking a lot about friends for my kids lately.

Teacher Conferences. BUM BUM BUM!!

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We had Parent-Teacher Conferences for both of my kids last week at their school. The funny thing is that I think we, as parents, we are as nervous as the kids are about talking to their teachers.

30 Hours of Crap in a 24 Hour Bucket

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This morning was an indicator that it was going to be one of those days where there was more to do than time to do it. I’m sure we all have these days. As a family with two working parents, we work constantly in getting the entire agenda completed, with mixed results.

Holy Bicycles Batman!

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The NFL invented the bye week to allow folks to have one Sunday in the fall to get things done. Since the Packers had a bye week, I decided to take on my semi-annual garage cleaning today. I really haven’t thought about it in the past, but crap, we have alot of bicycles!

GRANDDADtastic the Veteran

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Today is Veteran’s Day. A day that we set aside to honor all of the veterans that have served honorably and fought bravely for our country. For me, it isn’t simply about honoring all veterans, which I do. This is a time to honor a veteran that has fought for his country and his family his whole life – my dad.

I Pity That Fool

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My oldest and I were watching TV this weekend and ran across an infomercial for a Ronco type oven called the Flavor Wave. It claims to cook frozen or thawed food quickly since it cooks from the inside out. It wasn’t the product that caught my interest as much as the pitch man they had.

Every Day is Halloween for Me

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Another Halloween here and gone. We’re fortunate to live in an area where trick-or-treating happens at night and on Halloween. Great costumes on the kids, a typical chilly Wisconsin Halloween night, a Jell-O brain, and a few beverages with friends around the fire pit make for one good night.

Coconut Sorbet from the Mermaid Cookbook

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I’ll admit, this one was fun because I love using my ice cream machine. Coconut Sorbet in late October isn’t exactly a refreshing treat, but this one was quite good!

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