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Welcome to my euphoric confusion! My name is Lee and I’m a 42 year old dad of two OUTSTANDING little girls, ages 8 and 6. I’m also DH for 10 years to my wonderful wife (I’ll let her decide what the ‘D’ stands for since the moniker came from her).

I’ve always led somewhat of a care-free life; until one day, my wife and I were standing in front of a car carrier sitting on our dining room table with a baby in it. As I was reaching for the non-existent nurse call button, we said to each other, “now what?” We figured it out, but as is with other new dads, that’s when things became interesting.

Having been a dad for 7 years, I had a late started to blogging. So many great and so many challenging things have happened, are happening and will happen, I wanted a place to get them all down. In addition, prioritizing and balancing the multiple roles that I play has been a bit of a challenge. The dad and the DH part wins the battle; but I still want to feed the dude in me. Hopefully, this will make for some interesting perspective for dads with younger kids.

So, dads, moms, et al, stick around as I meander through the balancing act of being a dad, a husband, a business owner, a foodie, an active individual, technology geek and a plain old dude. To quote the infamous Guido the Killer Pimp, ”Time of your life, eh kid?”.

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