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10 Years of Marriage. Hell yeah!

Married ten years today!  I knew it would happen, I just didn’t have a clue what would fill the time in between.   I thought I would take a little time to lament the events of the past decade and guess on what’s coming.

Married April 28th, 2001.  What a great day to be married.  Sunny April skies with warm temperatures, rare for Wisconsin in April.  Surrounded by 250-300 fantastic family and friends.  Marrying the woman I have loved for the previous 14+years (yes, we waited 14 years to get married).

The lovely lady that I married was my high school sweetheart that stayed with me during college, even though we went to separate schools.  We both spent our 20s building our careers and traveling about 50% of the time.  We never lived together, but we stayed together through thick and thin.

In the past 10 years, we bought a house after engagement, got married, started a company (while she was pregnant with our oldest daughter), withstood a lack of income while the business was growing,  had two beautiful kids, kids started school, and each of us lost a parent.  Never a dull moment.  Yet, somehow, we manage to make time for ourselves and do the things that we like to do together.  Quiet dinner together, exercise together, and uh, well,  you know.

The next 10 years?  Not sure, but I would like to create another business and we would like to move into a different house.  After that, I really don’t care as long as the family is healthy and successful.  To me, I’m already ahead.

SHE, is my rock and my guide.  SHE helped me get through high school and motivated me to get through college.  SHE set the standard of how I should approach my career.  SHE started the family planning.  SHE makes great lasagna.  SHE sets the standard for community and school involvement.

ME… I am better because of her.  Love you, hun!

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